History of Council of Nirn

The Council of Nirn (CoN) traces its roots back to July of 2014. In the ensuing chaos of the new trader system, guilds were rushing to not just understand the bidding system, but also to secure a trader!  Tensions were high, economic bloodbaths ensued!  Guilds’ fortunes waxed and waned, on the simple acquisition of a trader.  Many guilds faded away, as other, more powerful entities formed.

Out of this chaos came Direnni Dynasty (also known as DD), a coalition that would grow to support the ESO community like no other.  Shortly after the creation of guild kiosks, several guildleaders discussed the advantages of improving communication in order to reduce accidentally bidding on the same kiosks.  DD was created! The group contacted many trade guild leaders, first in the Rift, then in the wider Tamriel community.

Direnni Dynasty, the Guild

In short order, many Guild Masters were contacted and became members. What started out as 2, became 4, then became .. Well… Read on…  😉

Initially, the intent was to avoid cross bidding, however, as Direnni Dynasty grew, the focus shifted to gathering together and supporting each other during our ‘ZMB’s.’ Zombie Morning Bids…. Guild leaders used this guild as a means to help each other find open kiosks in the event of lost trader bids, along as a shared line of communication. As the guild grew, we evolved.

The Evolution of Council of Nirn

In October of 2015 the group changed names to represent taking up a new focus. Council of Nirn was formed with a new commitment that all members treat each other with respect and integrity.

As the group branched out, it was decided to expand the focus from trading guilds to any guilds with a common interest in constructively advancing the game. The group has consistently collected and provided feedback to representatives from ZOS for improvement of the game and identification of pain points that could be remedied, and providing suggestions on how things could be improved upon. Additionally, we have helped to coordinate some multi-guild community events, to share news and helpful information for guild leaders, and to gather feedback for the ESO forums.

As of now, we consist of over 70 members from 50+ guilds, addon developers, content streamers and community contributors, from both the North American and European servers. If you’d like more information, please feel free to Contact Us.

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