About Us

Mission Statement

Council Of Nirn is a group of community leaders with Elder Scrolls Online, comprised of Guild Masters, Guild Officers, Addon Developers, Content Streamers and the like, formed into an alliance for the purpose of seeking to improve the ESO community.


The Council was originally founded with that goal in mind, and yet has evolved over time to include a broader scope and purpose. For more about our history, click here.

We have had the opportunity to make our voices heard to the Zenimax Online Studios Developers, as they have provided a platform for us to give suggestions, feedback, comments, ideas, and to address the pain points we face in the game.

We have scheduled preparation meeting times and a specific timeslot with Developers to engage in this activity. We prepare documents that include our collective thoughts and then present them in a timely and fashioned manner. Meetings usually take place on a selected Teamspeak server, and all parties on the mailing list are invited to attend.

Invitations are open to Guild Masters and Officers representing any guild, as well as Addon Developers and other community leaders who wish to speak up and contribute constructively in sharing ideas, giving feedback, and working together to improve our gaming experience.


  • Fostering a community of open communication.
  • Sharing ideas, helpful tools and tips for running, managing, and maintaining guilds.
  • Posting and commenting on threads both in our own forums and in the Official ESO forums with collaborative suggestions.
  • Having meetings with Zenimax Online representatives to present feedback.
  • Organizing and hosting multi-guild community events.
  • Encouraging fair play styles.
  • Promoting honest, ethical, and morally responsible behavior.
  • Keeping records of meetings and maintaining a Blacklist to track guilds, players or individuals who are disruptive to the community and/or who engage in harmful activities that work against our shared purpose.

We look forward to every opportunity to gather and share our common goals in enhancing our ESO gaming experience. If you know of people who would like the chance to contribute constructively, represent their guild or group, and who would be willing to work within the scope of this group, please contact us!

Thank you to all our contributors. ~The Council Of Nirn

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